Re: Biodiesel From Used Coffee Grounds?

Postby great uncle bulgaria on Sat 7/Jan/12 6:36pm

Simonius_Titius wrote:
happybaboon wrote:Is there really that much oil in coffee to make it worthwhile? I can't ever recall seeing a film of oil on top of my coffee...

Many years ago The Green Parrot cafe in Welly was known for serving such coffee.

he said "on top of"
(and that's not knives)
great uncle bulgaria
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Re: Biodiesel From Used Coffee Grounds?

Postby Simonius_Titius on Sat 7/Jan/12 10:31pm

No, the Magic Carrot Cake would have been on a side plate. I was thinking more of the line "even the coffee was greasy".

You could say it is just an accident of location being near the police station but observing the clientele I became convinced cops and crims have remarkably similar taste in food. Maybe it's the stress.
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Re: Biodiesel From Used Coffee Grounds?

Postby neels on Sat 7/Jan/12 10:33pm

I run on coffee most mornings, can't see why my car shouldn't as well.
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