Bike Journey In New Zealand

Postby Montanelli on Fri 9/May/14 6:45am

Hello guys!

Here's Stefano from Italy. I'm 24 and on May 16th i'm gonna arrive in New Zealand with my girlfriend from France, both with working holiday visa.
Our plan would be to stay there around one year, travelling and working at the same time.
Once we'll arrive we'd like to buy a tent and two bicycles and wandering around the country with those.
We're not beginners of cycling, but it's gonna be the first time that we take such a long trip by bicycle and we don't know well the country yet, so i'd like to know if some of u has some good suggestion or tip about this kind of trip.

Thank you very much in advance!
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Re: Bike Journey In New Zealand

Postby pushbikerider on Fri 9/May/14 6:58am

I have found this guide book a great resource for riding around new Zealand, ... le-trails/
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Re: Bike Journey In New Zealand

Postby fraew on Sun 11/May/14 8:56pm

i reckon your better off with Nigel Rushton's guides:

there's one for the North Island and one for the South. They provide simple routes across the country with up to date and accurate accommodation, shelter and food options, plus good elevation guides etc. Not too detailed or waffly, leaving you to discover the country in your own way
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Re: Bike Journey In New Zealand

Postby FLATULENTFRIEND on Mon 12/May/14 8:20am

Welcome :)
Don't ride main roads, have mirrors and be very careful - we have some very dangerous drivers :hmmm:
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Re: Bike Journey In New Zealand

Postby trancemaster on Mon 12/May/14 9:13pm

try stay over in DoC campgrounds and mountain huts near your days ride, they have the best scenery
meet the Kiwis - try avoid always staying in Backpackers !
study the weather websites closely - its an island floating in a big ocean
bike Gt Barrier Island
learn basic bike maintenance
do a few bike races
Enjoy ~
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Re: Bike Journey In New Zealand

Postby jimmi on Tue 13/May/14 6:43am

The Kennetts books are awesome. This also has tons of info and is a good read:

My main piece of advice would be to avoid major roads. NZ has thousands of km of back roads (sealed and unsealed) with hardly any traffic. These roads may not be as direct, but are way more enjoyable to ride.

Have a great time!
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