Bike Hire Christchurch -26" 650b, 29er , Cyclocross Testing?

Postby Apache94 on Wed 19/Feb/14 3:35pm

Just doing a bit of research for a possible new bike in 1-2 years time. I'm not concentrating on brands and models at the moment as that decision is far off but what i am trying to do is narrow down choices by looking at wheel sizes.

I've read and watched quite a few videos comparing the different sizes and their different characteristics. What i've gathered is the smaller 26 wheels will give you sharper handling, acceleration but lines will need to be picked whereas the larger 29er will have a wider wheelbase, needing a larger turning radius and lines do not have to be picked as thoroughly and so forth..

I like the positive features from both ends of the spectrum and probably the most sensible choice would be to go for a 650B, however i still want to try out all my options before settling on a final conclusion.

Does anyone know bike hire companies in Christchurch which have a large range of different options for someone who is interested in comparing the different wheel sizes?

So far i've got
Cyclone Cycles and Mowers
City Cycle Hire

I could just compile a list of all the companies and give them a call but before i do this i'd like to know if anyone has anything to add or any recommendations.

I'd also be keen on hiring a cyclocross bike.
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Re: Bike Hire Christchurch -26" 650b, 29er , Cyclocross Testing?

Postby Trail on Wed 19/Feb/14 5:53pm

Trouble is that if you are not comparing similar bikes then it will be hard to tell the difference. For example a 6 inch travel full suss trail bike will handle a lot differently to a 3 inch hardtail race bike no matter what the wheel size. What you really want is when a bike brand is doing a demo day. For example Specialized do demo days up in Vic park. Talk to the Specialized store on Moorhouse to find out when the next one is. Giant or some other brand may also do demo days, and a number of brands such as Yeti have demo bikes that you can ride for a day or two.

I would doubt that Cyclone Cycles and Mowers or City Cycle Hire would have a range of wheel sizes in their hire bikes? I am also pretty sure the level of bike is likely to be low/entry level. Natural High may have, but I still think you are better off trying to find demo bikes.

Good luck hiring a cyclocross bike. I do not know anyone that hires them. You would be better off turning up to the Cyclocross series in winter and begging to borrow a ride from someone there.
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