My Bestist 5thest Track =

Postby freeridertracks on Mon 7/Jul/08 9:16am

here it is my 5th track!!!!!!!!! its the best one ive done =]
-18 1i 18 1i,3o 6d 4s 7b 66 7r 7n 87 9b 8h b1 8k co 8i eh 89 gc 7j i3 6h jm 5a l4 3v mb 2j n6 1t nd 2v mv 40 mh 51 me 62 mt 6v,ms 6u n1 83 nh 9c of ag q1 bg rs c8 tf cc v3 c2 10p be 129 ac 13k 96 157 82 16p 7c 18e 6q 1a3 6b 1bo 5r 1da 57 1ep 4i 1gk 3j 1i6 2g 1j7 1c 1jj 4 1jc -t 1j5 -1s 1ka -13 1ld 5 1m9 1a 1nb 2k 1ok 3t 1q5 53 1ru 63 1tu 70 1vg 7k 218 83 234 8f 254 8p 275 90 297 95 2ba 99 2dd 9c 2fg 9c,2fg 9c 2hf 8m 2je 7r 2ld 6u 2nc 5u 2p9 4r 2r4 3l 2sn 2c 2u5 11 2vh -b 30p -1o 31q -36 32k -4m 33c -67 344 -7o 34s -9a 35k -as 36c -ce 374 -e0 37s -fj 38k -h6 39c -ip 3a4 -kc 3as -lv 3bh -ni 3c4 -p5 3ci -qo 3ct -sq 3d4 -us 3d5 -10t 3ct -12r 3c5 -14g 3b2 -15q 39l -16s 37v -17m 361 -186 340 -18a,340 -18a 321 -17u 307 -173 2ud -160 2sl -14p 2ra -13q 2q0 -12o 2on -11m 2nd -10i 2m4 -ve 2kq -u9 2jg -t4 2i7 -rv 2gt -qp 2fk -pj 2ei -oa 2dh -mf 2cu -ke 2cn -ia 2cu -g5 2dg -ei 2eb -d3 2fd -bn 2gm -af 2i5 -9c 2jq -8e 2lj -7n 2ne -74 2p7 -6r 2qq -70 2sh -7n 2tp -8p 2ul -a2 2vf -be 309 -cr,18 1h 1n 2b 26 39 2j 47 30 51 3e 5q 3s 6e##B kc 2r 1g,B g0 6j 1m,B 26h 7h 2t,B 2fq -d0 3o,B 31n -16i 78,B 39e -mr c,B 368 -f6 t,B 34o -bv m,B 342 -a9 q
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Postby 00jaffacakes on Sun 9/Nov/08 11:33pm

its a bit short
but nice jump and spiral at the end
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