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Postby thoughton on Mon 27/Apr/15 7:43pm

Hey I'm reasonably new to cycling and have just bought an old road bike.
It's a Morrison Concord not sure if the year. Im looking to replace the brake and shifter cables as well as the actual back brake. I've tried to upload some photos but it doesn't seem to work, is there a particular format they need to be?

I've seen a couple of back brakes on trademe going pretty cheap, will a shimano br560 fit the older bike?
In terms of buying all the cables I saw some cables and cable housing for $25 on trademe, am I better going to a bike shop and getting it done for me?

Also if anybody has advice on maintaining friction shifters or just general advice on the bike I'm very keen to learn.
I plan on having a go at the rust after work a couple nights this week. Not to worried about it looking perfect but I'm pretty keen to get it running smooth enough for a daily commute.

Cheers and sorry for the rant,
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Re: Best Place For Parts

Postby Velocipedestrian on Mon 27/Apr/15 8:15pm

Welcome to vorb.

For parts, try the classifieds section... Or Tardme... Or your local bike shop. :)

For asking mechanical questions, try the Bike Mechanics Impart Their Wisdom thread, there's always someone along soon with a smart-arse reply.
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Re: Best Place For Parts

Postby philstar on Tue 28/Apr/15 1:00am

for gear cables try vorb supporters


but go through the links on the left to support vorb, so people can give you advice :) I would put the link links to the right page with the affiliate program, but do not know how?
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Re: Best Place For Parts

Postby Simonius_Titius on Tue 28/Apr/15 5:19am

The crucial thing with the brake is reach, i.e. the distance from the centre of the brake mounting hole to the height of the centre of the rim.
The Concord is a 27" model I think so will have long reach brakes. Modern road brakes have a range of 39-49mm usually, but longer ones are made. You will need an extra 10mm or so. The reach is often marked on the back of a brake arm.
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Re: Best Place For Parts

Postby thoughton on Tue 28/Apr/15 8:30am

Thanks, I'll try and sort the reach tonight.
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