Best Phone For Under $200?

Postby swtchbckr on Fri 16/Dec/11 11:38am

Oh knowledgeable ones... Thinking about a new phone.

Touch screen
probably Android
under 2hundybucks ftw

What do you recommend?

Anybody got a LG Optimus p500?
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Re: Best Phone For Under $200?

Postby RJD on Fri 16/Dec/11 3:36pm

swtchbckr wrote:Anybody got a LG Optimus p500?


Its pretty good. It does struggle with games a little & chunky CPU stuff, its camera sucks & LG windows software is a royal PIA but apart from that its a damned fine phone and a bargain for $180 or so.
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Re: Best Phone For Under $200?

Postby Dr. Fuentes on Fri 16/Dec/11 3:42pm

P500 here - $169 at the Ware Whare. See they are $149 now... doh.

I previously had a Sony X8 which I liked, but like the P500 better as far as entry level phones go, with a better screen and camera.

If its any help, Telecom P500s work fine with vodafone and 2 degrees sims.

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Re: Best Phone For Under $200?

Postby happybaboon on Sun 18/Dec/11 4:28pm

I reckon the P500 is kind of shit. Mine "loses" its SD card all the time, meaning I got to open the back cover and wiggle it about. It has also taken to just sometimes turning off. And loads of apps (including facebook and gmail) crash on it.

I suggest you avoid that phone. Get one of the cheaper Galaxy phones. Samsung is awesome.
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Re: Best Phone For Under $200?

Postby nzmatto on Sun 18/Dec/11 6:14pm

I had the real cheap IDEOS one. CRAP battery, and was on 2degrees which had no coverage at my work. Returned it and got the Samsung Galaxy cheap one instead and on Telecom prepay. Has everything you're looking for, battery life is still only average, but if you keep the screen brightness down it's not too bad. (at least twice as long as the IDEOS one!).
Now I want a Galaxy S2....I'm just about $950 short for it. :D
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