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Postby happy on Tue 28/Oct/08 9:48pm

Hi All,
My wife wants to learn how to ride off road better.
She learned to ride a bike 5 or 6 years ago pretty much from scratch and had a mountain bike for about a year. My efforts of teaching her the limited knowledge I have, have gone as far as I think they can go...
She has come a long way from where she was and either knows the ideas i have or ignores me now so...
Riding over stuff or pretty much anywhere which is behond the carpark is un natural to her and I feel its more a confidence thing than enything else.
Is there any one who runs skills clinics in Tauranga or can recommend someone who does good ones for beginners?
And / Or
Are there any other woman in a simular situation who want to join up for a ride at a beginner level?
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Postby Flyboy on Thu 30/Oct/08 10:51am

:pmob: G'day Happy,
you would be best looking at the mtbskills clinic run by Gabby & Dodsy around the country on a regular basis. the closest place to Tauranga that they hold the one day course is in Rotorua. Its well worth the trip to do it; I went on the basic course and found it incredibly helpful.
I cant remember the exact website but doing a search for that name or Gabby & Dodsy should turn up something by searching either on Vorb or on google.
and dont worry about abilities before the course, whennI went on it there was everything from people who had been riding 2 months to people with years of experience just looking to hone the basic skills.
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Postby Flyboy on Thu 30/Oct/08 10:55am

:pmob: Alternaltively, turn up to some of the local club events;

we're a pretty friendly bunch and im sure there will be someone happy to help you out :)
the monday nght rides tend to move along at a fair pace, but you can drop off and go home at any stage of the ride.
The grass track racing would be your best oppourtunity to just come along, meet some of the locals and have a go.
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Postby happy on Thu 30/Oct/08 5:49pm

Thanks Dale, ill have a look for thoes courses in vegas :) Might be good for me too.

We have been to 1 monday night ride and the guys are far too fast for Sarah (and probebly me too)

We are keen to join the club proper as a family and come to some other events as they come up
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Postby Kyle on Sat 6/Dec/08 11:16am

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