Banks Peninsula Ride

Postby asher on Tue 9/Jul/13 10:40am

Couple of questions for Christchurch locals:

How long would it take to ride from the airport to Little River, probably along the rail trail, then up Western Valley Rd, down to Port Levy and back over to Diamond Harbour?

Would then catch ferry over to Lyttleton and walk/ ride/ collapse up the Bridal path.

Will be by myself and have some gear on my bike. Could head up Mt Herbert and down Monument track instead of down to Port Levy if weather is ok and no snow on the tops.
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Re: Banks Peninsula Ride

Postby grahamt on Tue 9/Jul/13 12:50pm

It's 86km from Airport - head of Heathcote Valley using Diamond Harbour Ferry, roads and rail trail (excluded Monument / Mt Herbert).

32km - Flat ride on sealed road from airport to rail trail
22km - Flat ride on rail trail to Little River
17km - Gravel road to Port Levy (600m climb)
12km - Port Levy - Diamond Harbour (400m climb)
Wait for and catch Ferry
3km - Bridal Path - (340m climb)
Plus whatever it takes to get from Bridal Path to your final destination

Climbs out of Port Levy and Bridal Path are steep

Presume youre on MTB with panniers or pack. I reckon about 5 - 6 hours ride time plus stops
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Re: Banks Peninsula Ride

Postby asher on Tue 9/Jul/13 1:55pm

Thanks Graham,
Have been out that way a couple of times and remember the hills being pretty big. Only been over them the other direction though.
Will either be on rigid 29er or touring bike with panniers.
Hopefully the weather is favourable. Have about an 8hr window max between plane landing and appointment in evening.
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