Re: Bain 111

Postby Scotty on Fri 12/Jun/09 9:25am

What makes me a little curious is that sound clip could have been played without priming.

of course, there's probably some sort of bullshit peice of lor-speak that wouldn't let you. :huh:

...and again, it might have been better to have it heard in a court room in context, rather than now, out in the court of public opinion. Post-case suppression might not have been a bad choice on this one. :eh:
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Re: Bain 111

Postby OliverBendix on Fri 12/Jun/09 9:26am

DropKick wrote:Its one of those things that you'll hear what you want to hear.

They did quite a good demo of that on Nightline - first played it, then introduced it by saying some cop had heard "I shot the prick", played it again, then had an expert say he heard "I can't breathe", played the clip again - each time you could convince yourself you heard something different, very close to the previous suggestion. Rubbish evidence.
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Re: Bain 111

Postby Oli on Fri 12/Jun/09 9:30am

pissface wrote:i think he was overcome with emotion and freaking out, and said "oh shit a brick"

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Re: Bain 111

Postby Biker4Life on Fri 12/Jun/09 9:48am

Fuck it, Everyone is going to hear something different and still believe their own position after the trial. Be it that he killed his family, he didnt or that he came home found his family dead so shot his dad. Either way who cares hes a free man, upgraded his style and should be left to live life without having all this bullshit media hype imposed on him
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Re: Bain 111

Postby happybaboon on Fri 12/Jun/09 11:00am

That is fucking unbelieveable. There is no way in hell that anyone could interpret those sounds as specific words. I can't believe the defence even cares that it came out after the trial; a sensible person would realise that there's nothing to that recording AT ALL. I can appreciate why the defence didn't want it at the trial - if you let the prosecution use that then there's no telling what other far fetched rubbish they would try to introduce as evidence.

I'm even more confident now than I was before that Bain should have gone free. The Crown/cops have demonstrated very clearly that they were more than happy to invent incriminating evidence. I think that one bit of evidence taints all of the other crown evidence.
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Re: Bain 111

Postby FLATULENTFRIEND on Fri 12/Jun/09 6:16pm

:hmmm: If he's putting on an act that he's upset and that 'someone' shot his family he's not going to say "I SHOT THE PRICK".
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Re: Bain 111

Postby j2hyde on Fri 12/Jun/09 7:06pm

How anybody could think he is innocent I will never understand
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