Te Awamutu Junior Tour

Postby MVink on Mon 13/Apr/09 3:27pm

Tour was a farce again this year. Given a 25min penalty for being motor paced on after a flat and broken chain. Was the only one given a penalty despite countless other mechanical and accident/injuries that were motor paced on without penalty. Wasn't told about it until lining up for the final time trial. To add insult to injury they also mucked up my TT time last year giving me a time 30 sec slower than actual.
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Re: Te Awamutu Junior Tour

Postby specializedman on Mon 13/Apr/09 4:32pm

I thought it was reasonable,

I had a decent race on Saturday and finished in the bunch, and beat some top riders in the process, (I know it doesn't matter really, we all get the same time...) Great course.

On Sunday I got dropped on the first lap, I think I paid for trying too hard at the finish on Saturday, rode mostly by myself but still averaged over 30, the marshal's tried to send me home after 3 laps but they may have thought I was U17 or something, I finished (done all 4 laps) and found out that other people who were sent home after 3 laps were given slower times than the people who finished the whole race. I don't know if it was marshal error that caused them to be sent home early but the riders should have known better anyway.

Today I done fine for me, TT's are definitely my weakness. I wasn't in the running's for the GC anyway after yesterday so I didn't break myself for a few extra seconds in the TT. I'm going to train tomorrow for Rotorua next week thanks! :cool:
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Re: Te Awamutu Junior Tour

Postby thelongwalk on Mon 13/Apr/09 5:12pm

I spent quite a few years racing and you do get strange going ons by marshalls and amatuerish behaviour.I guess they're all volunteers and can make mistakes/not quite sure whats going but since theyre there to help out must be given the benefit of the doubt. I do remember them dismantling the finish line before all the field had turned up once during round the mountain in the naki. I've also been penalised before MVink, I guess the best thing is to use it as a motivator for next time/and make you stronger mentally. Then when you do get some luck, get in a good move or are in the right spot at crosswinds etc you can really hurt them and enjoy it.
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Re: Te Awamutu Junior Tour

Postby specializedman on Mon 13/Apr/09 8:17pm

I have just been looking at the final GC.

What a bummer for MVink about his penalty - It could have been a much better result today if it weren't for the penalty.
You cant really change much now though, just go harder and hope for no mechanical's next time!

It is unfortunate that the turn marshal I was referring to was quite an important person in the cycling community (I think he was a commissar?) Mistakes can still be made,

shit happens really.
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