Re: Around Brunner Report + Provisional Results

Postby Claude on Sun 26/Apr/09 8:20pm

Bunch police or a motor bike moving with the main peleton would be the way to fix it (hopefully), but people will still cross the line on the long clear stretches.

I didn't think they tandem was as bad as some Flash. I know those guys quite well & rode round Long Bays with them yesterday. Their main problem is that they take a while to wind up, so once they do they look to make ground with it. Sometimes it meant going round people on the wrong side, but they didn't go over like some of those idots did on blind corners etc. They commented too that their brakes got a hell of a workout, and they take a bit more stopping than most. They had mechanical problems in the second half of the race too, so were a lot less prominent near the front. The stocker had his chain dropping down into the small chainring they were then having to stop pedalling and shift it back across by hand.
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Re: Around Brunner Report + Provisional Results

Postby tony_11 on Sun 26/Apr/09 8:39pm

rjc33 wrote:Brunner is a great ride and well organised even to the point where you get put back to the group you registered in if you try and jump up on your estimated time bunch. In all fairness to the bunch "coasters" there was very little organisation at the front of the bunches and instead of the front rider popping off the front and allowing the 2nd and 3rd etc riding through. Most went to the front and stayed and waited for someone to ride forward and take the lead.

Well only the strongest can do that for a while and therefore if you couldn't get a head of steam up you were gonna find it hard to do a turn.

The issue I found was not a lot of communication and teamwork. not much pointing for potholes etc and as said above every body was sprinting for the end and not working to increase overall times. nobody was gonna win it after the first bunch which had all the age groups covered for placings. but nobody wanted to work well to try and cream mates on overall times etc

I liked Brunner but there is very little spread on times. second bunch in (i was in that group) was only 6 minutes off the pace of the first bunch. And yes a lot of hanger ons got good times as a result - I agree some were hanging on "just" and some of us could have shaken them off quicker. Either way long and flat provides little race variety and I would say I would have been able to ride the pace of the front bunch if I had not been spotted and sent back to mine and then ride for the glory of towing some others through the course?

Definitely do the race. Way cool scenery fast and so many crashes and near misses to keep you on your toes.

For me grape ride has a bit more variety and better skilled riders at the front. with a great deal more depending on individual fitness etc.

I had to laugh as we came through Stillwater I tried to get us workin a good pace and changing at the front by popping off and letting 2 and 3rd come through and just when I thought we were getting it this young fella raced forward past 10 of us and dragged through some others and then dropped back and sent it to shit again. so your as good as the guys around you and I am by no means well versed at this stuff.

Tony11 I too am amazed at C1 how there appears to be 5 of us racing until the last corner when "hundreds" race past not even sweating. Love this game

That's the reason i moved up to B Grade at Ruapuna.. Certainly no hangers on in that group believe me..
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