Anyone Used The Vholdr Helmetcam's

Postby xcwander on Mon 11/May/09 2:28pm

I'm looking at getting a helmet cam, for mountain biking and snowboarding. The new VHoldR HD is top of my list at the moment and was wondering if anyone's had any experience with the earlier VHoldR's good or bad. Also had a look at the GoPro 5 but for the added price the VHoldR seams a better deal.
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Re: Anyone Used The Vholdr Helmetcam's

Postby Conners on Mon 11/May/09 3:05pm

Hey hey,
I've got a regular VholdR - but unfortunately haven't had a chance to try it out for real as yet as I'm been tied up with a big editing project and haven't had time.
From what I have seen though I'm impressed, solid unit with a good mounting system and easy to use controls and beeps etc. Comes with software to get the files off the microSD card - but can also just drag and drop them off through windows (which if my preferred method with any camera etc).

There were reports of some of the first generation cameras glitching/freezing etc, but I've been told this has been fixed with a firmware update on the current generation of the SD cameras. I got mine through Chris at Revoloution Products who are the NZ distributors (and Vorb Supporters). I was a bit gutted that I got mine so close to the time that HD versions were released, and Chris was too as he'd just ordered a few of the Standard Def units just before ther HD one was announced. Not sure of the pricing of the new units yet either - but I dare say thery will be more expensive.

As soon as I get out on the bike and get some footage I will be sure to post it up here :thumbsup:
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Re: Anyone Used The Vholdr Helmetcam's

Postby xcwander on Mon 11/May/09 3:17pm

Thanks Conners, will look forward to seeing some footage. Just flicked and email off to Chris as well.
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