Re: Is Anyone Still Rockin The Fixie?

Postby surlyboy on Sun 13/Jun/10 11:01am

Henry Dorset Case wrote:
pinkmaggit wrote:Steezld is either a troll, a baiter or just plain clueless. That said, Myself and a few people DO ride fixed gear bikes regularly. In fact, I'm selling my Blur LT because over the past 6 months I've had more fun riding my fixed gear bikes than my trail bike.

I don't ride my bike for 'street cred', I ride to have fun. Personally, fixed gear riding is fun, and is a challenge for me.
Do whatever floats your boat. This "fixies are gay" thing is getting pretty tired. Lumping all people who do the same thing into one category is pretty dumb– There are exceptions to the stereotypes.

nonsense stereotypes are stereotypes because they're true.....

It goes like this.

roadies hate mtbers

mtbers hate roadies even when they are closeted roadies themselves

bmxers hate mtbers and roadies

commuters hate cars, roadies*, wet weather and potholes

fixies hate other cyclists because they are not as cool as them

EVERYBODY hates fixie fagz.

now, where do unicyclists fit in?

UNICYCLISTS DONT QUALIFY AS A BIKE!!! one wheel and all that..
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