Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby bikeboyb on Mon 16/Sep/13 9:44pm


Anyone rid'n in Tassie.....
Any advice welcome
Looking at about a week and a halfs playing
def prefer epic bike rides over going around in circles at a bike park
am also considering the tassie trail, so any thought on this or the best sections appreciated

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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby cruiser on Mon 16/Sep/13 10:04pm

north south track in Hobart and the trails used for this event are pretty sweet.
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby Rattus on Tue 17/Sep/13 10:36pm

Hi bikeboyb, I live in Launceston Tasmania and have been riding and racing all over the state for quite a few years. I would be happy to pass on as much help as I can, and if you need to know anything I can't answer I'm sure I can help you find someone who knows.

I'm at work away from home for a few days using my phone, but when I get home I will give you all the details you need.

To help me get an idea of what you are planning I have a few questions.
When are you planning to come over?
For how long?
Is MTBing the main reason for the trip?
Do you want to do other site seeing and activities?
Are you planning to hire a car to drive round the state?
Will you bring camping gear or not?

Your answers should give me a start in thinking about how to advise you.

Cheers, Rat
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby bugle on Wed 18/Sep/13 2:09pm

Launceston Tasmania, damn that brings back some memories :satan:
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby bikeboyb on Wed 18/Sep/13 9:53pm


Fantastic, cheers
Will PM who a longer message for your return but in short, mainly coming for biking Xmas eve till 3 Jan

Thanks for offer of help
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby Rattus on Wed 18/Sep/13 10:51pm

Ok..... PM any info you want to keep private, but best to keep most info in the thread for others who may search in future.
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby happybaboon on Thu 19/Sep/13 1:00am

I'm eyeing up Tassie for my next move, along with Melbourne. I anticipate Sydney will only keep me entertained for a year or so :huh: Is the bicycling (mtb) around Hobart any good?
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby Simonius_Titius on Thu 19/Sep/13 2:29pm

It be wild down there, ye will need a map.

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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby bikeboyb on Thu 19/Sep/13 8:23pm

now that Simonius_Titius has set the bar we may as well keep it public - no way we can embarress ourselves now
currently have tickets book xmas eve to 3 jan (as mentioned above)
not frightened of a km or 2, or a bit or bush bash, but definitey lean on the side of XC over DH
starting to look at time (and it will be tight).... happy for advice on must see highlights and doesn't have to be bike orientated, feet do still work sometimes
but currently thinking (for our 10 days - me n misses)
arrive Hobart (doh) and jump bus to Deloraine
bike Tassie trail Golden Valley to New Norfolk (keep it real and not too strenuous - 4 days riding) travel light = more fun = try and stay in accomodation vs camp sites.
get back to Hobart, rent car, and stay to Launceston for 3 nights/4 days (Hobart last night as early flight) - based on returning car rental to same place - and would rather base ourselves in launceston and drive a bit more with day trips, than constantly packing up and relocting every day???
a couple of thoughts from Launceston are:
- Ben Lomond - up & down
- Blue Tier
(and maybe north-south track whilst passing thru Hobart)

Happy for you to pick the bones out of this and suggest otherwise or provide any feedback
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby Rattus on Thu 19/Sep/13 11:10pm

Cool, now I know what you are planning I will be able to provide some advice when I get home.
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby bikeboyb on Fri 20/Sep/13 7:58am

Plans not set in concrete and only just based on googling etc - feel free to throw some curve balls at me,,,,,, it's early days but need to problem start booking things due to timing with Xmas n New Years
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby Rattus on Sat 21/Sep/13 3:54pm

OK we have our suggestions for an itinerary for our opinion this is do-able, makes the best use of your time and includes the best trails. Unfortunately the trail review website at looks like it has been hacked, I am asking to see if anyone can fix this (edit....seems ok now, checking to see if it's my end, edit again, it has been confirmed that the site was hacked so it wasn't my PC, but it's now restored), so I have had to use trailmate links for now which is not as good. Do you have a GPS? I have a Garmin and can send files of trails.

Arrive Hobart 24th Dec.....go to the Republic Bar and have a few drinks :)

25th Dec ride up and down North South track in Hobart ... outh-trail
If you have a GPS device then you can convert the .kml files on the Tassie trails website to .gpx files using one of the free options discussed here

26th Drive to Port Arthur early in morning have a look around and then keep driving to Launceston arriving at our place in time for tea. (I will PM more details if you are interested)

27th Ride all the trails around Launceston with me as your guide (we live next to the Trevallyn trails and check out the Gorge just down the road. ... ed-reserve ... ation-area

28th We are already planning to go ride the best bits of the Blue Tier trails and stay overnight at the rustic Weldborough Hotel, so tag along with us if you like. ... er-descent

29th Drive back to Launceston and have a rest.

30th You guys go and ride up and down Ben Lomond on your own, we can provide a GPS track.

31st Drive to Cradle Mountain and have a quick look on your way down to Zeehan.....or Rosebury....big day of scenic driving. Some good pubs down there also :)
2hr walk at Cradle

1st Jan Ride the awesome Granville Harbour stage of Wildside out and back. ... al-harbour

2nd Early start.....ride the awesome Montezuma Falls stage of Wildside...then pack your bike up and drive to Hobart...big drive from there, about 4hrs. Arrive at Hobart for a late tea and an early night ready to fly out the next day. ... zuma-falls

3rd Fly out of Tas thoroughly exhausted and satisfied with the experience of a lifetime :D

We have not included the Tassie Trail that you were considering, because we think that you might find that boring and too time consuming.
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Re: Anyone Biked In Tasmania?

Postby bikeboyb on Mon 23/Sep/13 9:06pm

really appreciate the thought and time you've put into this
and might just have to take you up on it
- will email you further details to tee things up
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