Another Noob Wanting Help Getting A Bike

Postby adamant on Thu 20/Nov/08 11:31am

Hey guys,

I know this has been done heaps. But I'm looking at getting into mountain biking.
I'm looking at hardtails with a budget around the $1200 mark, give or take.
I have been looking at the 2009 Giant Alias.

Whats peoples thoughts.

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Postby diggily_puff on Thu 20/Nov/08 11:33am

what sort of riding will you be doing?

might i suggest 2008 bikes as they are heaps cheap right now
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Postby adamant on Thu 20/Nov/08 11:35am

Mainly some trail riding around Queenstown etc.
What 08 bikes would be suitable?
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Postby diggily_puff on Thu 20/Nov/08 11:35am

k0NarZ iZ m1nT

but seroiusly
check, lots of bikes there, also the buy and sell forum has bikes too

there is also a few online stroes worth a look at in the "vorb supporters" scrolling window
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Postby Flyboy on Thu 20/Nov/08 11:58am

:pmob: adamant, I just helped my brother buy one of the 07 (I think) Giant Alias bikes as his first foray into proper bikes. He just loves it and spends more time on his bike than I do on mine. Certainly seems to be a good bike for initial riding.

Key thing is, make sure the components are strong enough to stand some of the abuse which it will get as you learn to ride it!
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Postby adamant on Thu 20/Nov/08 12:02pm

The reason I was looking at the Giant, was that I have heard of people saying they are really well spec'd for the money, and a reasonbly strong bike.
I'm 6'2" and 80kg so will be after a biggish bike and something rather strong
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Postby Nick_K on Thu 20/Nov/08 12:09pm

Welcome to vorb.

I think the alis is a fine choice for a first bike. My brother also bought one as his first bike and seems pretty happy with it. Looks like a solid spec with great value for money. Even looks quite stylish for a entry level bike.

I'm sure a lot of people will recommend buying secondhand although just a word of warning that if you aren't to sure what you are looking for it can end up being expensive.
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Postby adamant on Thu 20/Nov/08 12:14pm

Yeah Cheers Guys,

I was keen on new, as at least I know what the bike has been through etc.
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Postby Biker4Life on Thu 20/Nov/08 12:47pm

I suggest having a look at bike fix and asking them about a 2008 GT hardtail as they have some heavy reductions on them at this time in the year. We have a couple left sitting in the shop down here, and damm they are good bikes for cheap.

$1099 for an avalanche 1.0 I think :eh: ... ved=t#2639
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Postby JX8P on Thu 20/Nov/08 12:57pm


im a raging adam ant fan.....
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Postby specializedman on Thu 20/Nov/08 5:47pm

I know the wheels on the giant are the most bulletproof wheels ever, when my DJ bike was out of comission due to mangled wheels, me and the boys took by old rincon to the jumps and whipped it hard and landed sideways all day and whipped it into some trees... The wheels are still perfect but we bent the cranks...

The alias has better cranks though.
My bro has an 07 alias and it has stood up to a couple of years of zero maintainance and riding through mud and dust.
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Postby jimmi on Thu 20/Nov/08 5:55pm

Make sure you get the right frame size too. At 6'2" you should be a 20" (but you might get away with 19") for trail riding. Enjoy!
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