And Now For Something Different...critical Mass- Palmy

Postby flyin on Thu 3/Nov/05 11:16pm

A few of you will already know what Critical Mass is.
There's one in Palmy this friday (Nov 4th), and the first friday of every month. Meet at the Clock Tower in the Square at 5.30pm.

It's both a social gathering on bikes (and other non-motorised forms of travel), and a form of mild(ish) protest at the domination of cars on the streets, so anyone in Palmy should come along and join us.

Be there or over by and SUV (or not).
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Postby E Dogg Capizzle on Thu 3/Nov/05 11:18pm

Will there be punch and pie?
E Dogg Capizzle
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Postby flyin on Thu 3/Nov/05 11:20pm

working on it...;)
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Postby Percy Pig on Thu 3/Nov/05 11:21pm

Hope so, punch and pie make the world go round!
Percy Pig
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Postby Oli on Thu 3/Nov/05 11:23pm

There's often punch at the Welli Critical Mass...Just ask Mike Stead! :D
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Postby flyin on Thu 3/Nov/05 11:23pm

There could be muffins and coffee (at Gull)...there could also be crazy drivers chasing us..both are possible and neither are impossible
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