Te Anau Cycling Inc (taci) Kakapo Road Hill Climb/ Time Tria

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Te Anau Cycling Inc (TACI) Kakapo Road Hill Climb/ Time Trial

The Kakapo Road Climb is on again this year with pretty much the same
format. Slightly later this year, the date is set for 11th May (only a
fortnight away). If the weather is truly atrocious we will postpone to the
following day (Sunday 12th), beyond that we will have to have a rethink.

A time trial (no drafting) with riders starting at one minute intervals.
The road is open to all traffic so riders must obey the road rules and are
solely responsible for their own safety though we will have a car follow
the last rider up the road. Entries must be in by 11.00am on the day of the
race with the first rider starting once we have sorted out the starting
order (10 or 15 mins later). Slowest riders will start first, fastest last.
As well as the usual name, gender, bike type etc. entrants must state their
estimated time for the course (we do reserve the right to modify any
estimated time we feel is unrealistic).

There will be prizes awarded to:- Fastest mountain bike, women, Fastest
mountain bike, men, Fastest road bike, women, Fastest road bike, men, Rider
closest to estimated time and for those who qualify, biggest improvement on
last year's time. We will have a barbecue lunch at the finish and the
prizes will be presented there. Bring your own food and we do have access
to a large shed in which to have the barbecue if the weather is a bit dodgy.

Entry is free to Club members. Non members are welcome but will charged a
$5 entry fee (this doubles as a membership sub for the remainder of this
year) Entries and entry fees will be accepted up to 11.00am on the day of
the race but please, if you possibly can, enter earlier in the week by
Emailing me direct at <gordon.ashton@slingshot.co.nz>.
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