Advice For Riding In Rotorua

Postby SuboptimusPrime on Mon 5/Jan/09 3:08am

I'm going to be spending the month of February in Ohope Beach and am hoping to pass a few days riding around Rotorua. I'd love to do some DH as well as take my girlfriend with me to ride the more tame trails out there.

I'm coming from the US and can't bring my bikes with me so am curious about the availability of rental bikes. A DH bike or at least something with full suspension would be great, but really I'm up for whatever.

Also, do people rent helmets over there? I could bring mine, but room in my suitcases is precious since I'm bringing a bunch of other stuff as well.

Any other info or recommendations about the trails out there would be much appreciated.

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Re: Advice For Riding In Rotorua

Postby pinkmaggit on Fri 9/Jan/09 3:53pm

There are plenty of rental places in Rotorua, though most will only rent hardtail xc oriented bikes. You could possibly try Bike vegas for a rental bike that is a bit better for DH.

As for trails, check out whakarewarewa with the easy trails for you and your partner and then taniwha etc. up top for DH.
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Re: Advice For Riding In Rotorua

Postby ashesman on Fri 9/Jan/09 9:27pm

A DH bike is not the best for Rotorua... It is the perfect thing for the Nationals track and a few others but in general a trail bike or XC bike would be better there. I took a DH bike to Rotorua and was let down by how few of thee tracks I could enjoy on it. It was cool on the natys track and not too bad on the jump track (cant remember the names) but when we went to explore some of the other tracks and nearly died trying to crank the DH bikes round them! Next time I will take my 6" travel trail bike... Contact Jeff from Southstar shuttles. He may be able to let you in on where the best place to hire a bike is.
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Re: Advice For Riding In Rotorua

Postby bluedogSS on Sun 11/Jan/09 6:21pm

Bike Vegas has a good range of demo bikes that are available to hire - from trail to cross country.
Lots of Rotorua info on
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Re: Advice For Riding In Rotorua

Postby j0e90 on Mon 12/Jan/09 10:34pm

If you are here for long enough why not buy a 2nd hand ride and sell it when yo ugo - made easier if you have a mate here you trust who can buy / sell a ride for ya.

Mate of mine came out from the UK for 3 weeks last year, bought him a 2nd hand i-drive floata for about $1100, sold it when he left for the same.

So cost him about $50 trademe commision ( the NZ ebay ). He rode it for about 12 days - $4 a day - :thumbsup:

It is ahrd to get a decen full sus rental, and if you can find one not cheap.

If you think this can work for you check out

Ride on
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