Re: Acdc To Rock Nz!!! Next Jan!

Postby mitch7 on Mon 15/Jun/09 5:50pm

dented wrote:
mitch7 wrote:Probably the best stage performance of all the bands I've ever seen..
i caught em at Athletic Park (RIP) back in da 90s...touring on the Razors Edge LP...think it was the "Money Talks" tour

Agreed. They had all those fake dollar bills flying out into the crowd, had 1 I kept in my wallet for years. Trying to remember where I was living at the time, must of been 1991 I reckon. I was pretty wasted at the time, I got all confused when Angus disappeared off the stage and then reappeared on a temporary stage way up the back of the crowd. Still not sure how that worked actually.

yeah i had some of that cash to..i also bought the shirt, which had Angus on the front busting out of a $100 bill and on the back, a hooker picking up $100 off the floor :) ...

I was pretty close to the front, about 10-15m from front of stage..had the Black Power right in front of us, but they were cool..loads of herbacous consumption everywhere... anyway i remember when Angus disappeared and then re-appeared behind us... some friends of mine were further back and to the Island bay side, they said about 10 huge bouncer types,came out with tiny Angus and guitar and basically spearheaded through the crowd till they came to one of those sissorlift thingys...this one was round..then they chucked him up on that.. and let him rip...

Brilliant :thumbsup:
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