Re: 900 Lumen Light.

Postby swtchbckr on Thu 24/Sep/09 8:37am

so... which light, exactly, off whom, did you get? the one off or the dealextreme one?

just interested, is all... dealextreme cheaper, right?
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Re: 900 Lumen Light.

Postby SirLightalot on Thu 8/Oct/09 8:51pm

Check the link I highlighted on the previous page. We have bought two units, my friend and I . he has tested run time, and it's just as the guy says, which i figure means the battery will last twice as long as dealextreme.

cost i think they are pretty similar, look like the same unit's etc. times, power ratings (lumens that is) are stated differently. I looked at making the led listed for $90 and figured, yes half the price, how long will it take? my time is worth? and no warranty, professional build?

These light up the whole road, and are lethal on strobe, motorists are dazed by them. which reminds me, strobe lights in holland are banned, perhaps they run lights like this?
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Re: 900 Lumen Light.

Postby keltravers on Thu 22/Oct/09 8:20pm

Hi Guys,

I am the importer of these lights along with 1400 Lumen HID torches, 900 Lumen Cree MCE Diving torches and P7 900 Lumen Torches.

To get some things straight. Full mode is 100%, low is 50% and is equivilant to a standard AYUP.

In a back to back comparison with a Nitelightning 1000 Lumen light. The concensus of the lads it that the Nitelightning is slightly better at the spot but my light has a much better and defined flood.

Bike shops nationwide have been testing the lights and all that have now stock the lights.

I offer a 30 day money back gaurantee and a 12 month warranty. I hold spare parts including extra batteries, extension leads and proper Helmet mounts (not home made), lens etc etc.

I am not sure where someones idea of 10% failure rate came from however you are welcome to your views.

They are not cheap Asian running but nicely made CNC machined units. The manufacturer has been in business for nearly 20 years and most of the torches are not cheap but they are very nice.

If you are worried about the look or quality. PM me or post and I can point you to the shop closest that stocks them for you to view and discuss.

Alternatively most of the lads, friends and their friends that I ride with every week at Woodhill have bought them so there are plenty that you can view at Woodhill every Weds night.

Get in contact with me & I can arrange a sample for you to nite ride on Weds at Woodhill, no strings...

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