65kms In One Day… No Biggie!

Postby Freeride NZ on Sun 2/May/10 10:03am


I had passed throughit countless times, each passing I was left wondering what actually lies behind those mountains? Are there trails back there? I had never heard of anyone riding bikes there but surely there its possible…maybe?

Enough with the pondering I wanted to find out what’s back there! Find out if there is trails deep in the Lindis Pass. After grabbing some fresh topo maps we set out into the unknown. It’s a 5.45am wake up and we are on the road. We are travelling down a gravel road that just wont end. Chomping at the bit to get on the bikes and explore. The map suggests there’s parking up ahead, we take the next corner and come over the rise to find two big campers and a couple of cars on the side of the road. We thought we were the pioneers! Who are these impostors!

After parking up it seems like splits of second before we are clipped in, camel packs filled and riding towards the campervans to get to the start of the track. As we approach some friendly kiwi faces pop out of their weekend trailer home and offer us coffee. There’s the lingering smell of cooking bacon smouldering out of the caravan door which they are leaning out of.We were so pumped on the ride even coffee and a chance of a cooked breaky couldn’t distract us!

Off we set. Into the mountains and the great unknown. The trail starts off flat before a steady climb through numerous valleys. We become completely surrounded by barren mountains with no sign of life anywhere. As the riding continues the trail is forced over the top of the mountains. We stop at the summit of the first mountain and can almost look down to the Linids Pass road, even the ocean isn’t out of sight from up here! Being amongst the mountain peaks gives you a real sense of adventure and achievement. There’s plenty of Kodak moments on the peak as we prepare for the well deserved descent! Life doesn’t get better than this!


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