My 4th Tracks Its Just A Gap Wid A Few Jumps.

Postby freeridertracks on Sun 6/Jul/08 5:38pm

well...ere it is :thumbsup:
-18 1i 18 1i,18 1k 23 27 2u 34 3r 46 4v 58 68 6d 7o 7j 9b 8q av a0 cm b2 ej c0 g4 cj hn d3 jb dd l1 de mn d6 oc cp q1 cb rj bo t2 b3 up a3 10a 8v 11q 7q 13b 6k 14t 5d,151 5e 14q 6l 14f 82 14g 9n 153 b9 15p ct 168 el 162 g5 15k hb 153 ih 150 jm 14r kj 15c m3 16v n0 18j ni 1ad nn 1ch ne 1e2 n0 1fm m2 1gt kv 1i5 jj 1j9 ib 1kf h4 1ll ft 1ms eo 1o8 da 1p3 bo 1pl a3 1q3 8c 1qk 6m 1r6 7q 1ri 98 1s8 ap 1tb c3 1uj dd 1vg ep 20k g5 221 hg 23j iq,2ai pd 2c7 q9 2e8 r2 2ga rr 2ib sj 2kg t8 2mn tn 2ov u3 2r7 ud 2tf um 2vm us 31r uu 33l uo 359 ue 36u tt 38g t6 3a0 sd 3bg ri 3ct qm 3e5 po 3fk of 3h1 n7 3ig mb 3k4 mj 3le nj 3m1 op 3lk pp 3n2 qm 3oo qk 3pu q0 3q4 oq 3qh nj 3rk nb 3sa oc 3t8 pd 3ui pu 3vh pq 3vk ou 40n pd 41m q7 42e r3 43e s2 44m t0 460 tv 47e ut 494 vs 4aq 10u 4c8 12a 4dl 13r 4eo 154 4fn 16k 4gl 185 4hm 19m 4io 1b7 4jt 1co 4l5 1e9 4mn 1fo 4og 1h5 4qg 1ic 4sk 1jc 4ur 1k8 516 1l0 53n 1lf 56c 1lk 592 1ll 5bn 1lk 5ef 1le 5h7 1l6 5js 1ko 5ma 1jt 5oh 1ir 5qi 1hi 5se 1g4 5u8 1ei 601 1cv 61q 1bb 63j 19m 65d 182 676 16e,678 16k 66p 17j 67m 18r 68p 19g 6a4 19s 6bl 1a0 6d4 1a2 6eb 1a1 6fj 19u 6h3 19q 6in 19o 6k3 19m 6lh 19l 6n1 19l 6oi 19l 6q4 19m 6rn 19n 6tc 19p 6v1 19q 70m 19t 72c 19v 73l 19t 741 190 73t 183 73i 17b 74l 17r 75k 191 76i 1a6 77g 1bb 78e 1ca 79h 1d9 7an 1e9 7c0 1fa 7dc 1gc 7eo 1he 7g7 1ih 7hr 1jm 7j9 1kj 7kq 1lb 7mf 1lt 7o7 1me 7pu 1mv,7pu 1ms 7r3 1mt 7s8 1mt 7tb 1mr 7ud 1mp,6dg 179 6cq 17j 6dc 187 6dt 17n 6dj 174,6db 186 6da 18p 6cr 199 6cf 19p,6d9 18v 6dm 19i,6d9 18e 6cg 186,6db 18i 6e4 18a,6jl 17e 6j1 17l 6jl 17t 6k0 17f 6jd 17e,6jj 17o 6jh 189 6j4 18p 6im 197,6jl 18b 6k0 18v,6jj 184 6is 180 6i8 17l,6je 186 6k9 182 6l2 17r,6mn 184 6ni 181 6oc 180 6p6 17n 6ps 175 6qr 16u 6ru 174 6sv 179 6tv 17b 6us 17a 6ve 17u 70e 186 71a 188 721 18f 71v 198 717 19d 70e 19b 6vm 198 6v1 18u 6u9 18o 6tj 191 6sn 196 6rs 196 6r4 193 6qd 18q 6pt 18d 6p5 18m 6oe 18t 6nm 18o 6n2 18h 6mh 185,6pc 17o 6ql 17p 6rp 17r 6st 17t 6tq 17u 6un 180,6tu 17e 6te 17m,6si 17b 6rq 17f,6q9 18g 6pi 18k 6ou 190 6pj 19f 6q9 19b,6q9 19d 6q6 18q,6v5 196 6uf 194 6tp 19d 6uj 19p 6vd 19p 702 19j 6vg 199,7uc 1mn 83s 1ms 84a 1ja,848 1ja 832 1jj 845 1k3 835 1kd 83s 1km 82u 1kr 83k 1l5 82c 1ld 83k 1lp 82f 1lq 83h 1m8 82h 1mb 83p 1mn,23i io 243 je 24p k5 25j kr 26f lj 27d md 28b n8 295 nu 29u oh 2an p3 2bd pk 2c2 q2 2cm qf##B 5ol 1hi 1h,T 7t5 1ma,T 6ib 12j,S 66n 162
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