2010 Fox Dhx Rc4

Postby Simpleone on Thu 18/Jun/09 10:26am

While it may be almost mid winter in NZ it does’nt mean there is nothing going on!  We recently recieved one of the first new RC4 shock from Fox.  The shock was developed for the DH racers over the last year and originaly released as the World Cup RC4.  Like all things in the bike world though it would’nt be long until the productionversion was realeased.  The main difference over the previous model DHX5 is that there is now no Pro Pedal and independant high and low speed compression dampening.  The shock its self is a new design from the ground up.  There is a bigger boost chamber, the main shaft is a bigger diameter, its slightly heavier (30 grams).  The changes allow the oil insude to flow better and the pressure to be lower, all this leads to a more supple shock.


The big question though is, does it feel any better?  Well simply yes!  Even with the few short rides in between boughts of rain, sleat and snow, and the fact the shock is still not “run in” there is a noticible difference.  As there is no Pro Pedal the small bump sensitivity is increased, it almost feels like the rear tyre is too soft.  At high speed the shock gives the bike a more planted on the ground feel.  With the bigger boost assembly and shaft the stroke also feels more linear through the travel.  Hopefully when the weather starts to improve more we can get out and really see what the advantages of the separate tuning options can make.  Most sizes of the shock are in stock so if you feel the need……….. Image Image Image Image Image Image

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Original Published: 1:03pm Monday, 15th June 2009 - NZST
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Re: 2010 Fox Dhx Rc4

Postby pinkmaggit on Thu 18/Jun/09 1:10pm

Thanks for the info!
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Re: 2010 Fox Dhx Rc4

Postby bugle on Thu 18/Jun/09 1:13pm

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