2009 Rotorua Marathon Finish - Gutting

Postby Tama on Mon 4/May/09 9:23am

I don't know how many of you caught this on the news:

http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/2381070/Sp ... in-Rotorua wrote:Winning the Rotorua Marathon was one final sprint away for Steven O'Callaghan when he stumbled just metres from the line.

The Rotorua roofer was pipped by favourite Scott Winton, who rapidly closed on him in the last kilometre of the 42km race on Saturday. But O'Callaghan said he was lucky just to get over the line.

"All I remember is trying to take a step and my leg just wouldn't hold my weight," he said yesterday. "I forced my way back up but wanted to collapse again when I got to the finish line. I was devastated.

"I had jelly legs all down the last straight. I thought I could hold on, but I couldn't."

O'Callaghan, 27, who finished second, broke away from the other competitors about six kilometres from the end and at times was 200 metres ahead.

At the 41-kilometre mark he had a 40-second lead but knew Winton, from Pakuranga, was closing fast. "I knew he was coming. If I could have kept up my pace, I would have been all right but he was speeding up. My lungs were all right but my legs were all pain.

"The crowds were shouting, and my mind was going a little bit. Then when he started sprinting I had to match him. My legs just went and that was it."

He finished the race six seconds after Winton, who crossed in 2h 27min 14s.

How gutting for the guy - and a rather graphical blowing of the foo foo valve :(
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Re: 2009 Rotorua Marathon Finish - Gutting

Postby slidecontrol on Mon 4/May/09 9:46am

as a marathoner myself, I felt for the guy watching him stumble like that.

however, he has written himself into the history books nicely.

to paraphrase the (crap) film 'tincup'

"if he had won, it would be forgotten in a week, but everyone will remember that second for years"
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Re: 2009 Rotorua Marathon Finish - Gutting

Postby Tama on Tue 5/May/09 10:37am

Follow-up on Campbell Live last night: http://www.3news.co.nz/Video/CampbellLi ... fault.aspx - Marvellous!
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