1980 Healing Supermax

Postby KiwiBMX on Mon 1/Jul/13 1:17pm

I thought I would share with you all my latest build, it is a 1980 Healing Supermax, it was mine when i was nine but my old man gave it away back in the 80's, luckily I got it back but it was in a real state, it had been painted black and totally destroyed, after carefully stripping it back and repainting it is starting to resmble what it looked like Christmas 1980:), It has been a real mission finding all the original parts but I have finally got everything I need.

The original Suzie Hubs and Araya rims and cranks are at the anodisers as we speak, the original handlebars are at the chromers being redone after alot of sanding to tidy them up.

I should have it totally rebuilt in the next 2 weeks, once done I will load some finshed pictures.
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Re: 1980 Healing Supermax

Postby dented on Mon 1/Jul/13 2:03pm

Nice! We must be about the same age. My nextdoor neighbour got one must be about 1980 also, his was blue. I got to ride it from time to time, got schooled on the first at Maidstone on several occasions on board that bike. First bike I really learnt to jump on too.
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Re: 1980 Healing Supermax

Postby Farm on Mon 1/Jul/13 6:44pm

That's really cool. I'd have loved one if those in 1980, maybe even still today.
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